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Monday, 10 February 2014

So I bought a few things I'd been meaning to get for a while. Mum took me shopping which was nice because I didn't need to worry about spending. I'm currently on medication for acne which makes my skin unimaginably dry. It's the drug roaccutane or accutane in America. The acne I have isn't severe and had started to subside since I started downing green tea and shunning milk (works a charm!) but the medication is still necessary. ANYWAY, so far I'm loving the Nivea Hydro Care and it has an SPF! I'll list the names of stuff below ;)

LINER: bobbi brown, 'noir'
CREAM SHADOW: mac, 'indianwood'
LIPGLOSS: bobbi brown
FOUNDATION: mac, studio fix fluid in NC30
CLEANSER: clarins

So this is me pretty much a year apart, and a lot had the potential to and did indeed change in that time. My life is been the most challenging and I suppose 'raw' it has ever been and it's safe to say living in the real world wasn't what I expected. I'm honestly making this blog for no reason whatsoever. I hope that some of the strange things that cross my mind throughout the day give you some entertainment and solace. I'm just as weird/insane whilst somehow simultaneously boring/simple as you are (I hope).

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